New Update: Matomo 4.12.3
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Two-factor authentication increase your account security by adding an additional layer of verification when you log in. Each time you log in you will not only be asked to provide your login and password, but also an additional authentication token which changes periodically and is generated for example on your mobile device. This means that even when someone knows your username and password, they still won't be able to log in unless they have access to your mobile device for example.

Two-factor authentication is currently disabled.

Enable two-factor authentication

Are you sure you want to disable two-factor authentication for your account? Having two-factor authentication enabled increases your account security.

Tokens you have generated can be used to access the Matomo reporting API, Matomo tracking API, and exported Matomo widgets and have the same permissions as your regular user login. You can use these tokens also for the Matomo Mobile app.

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