New Update: Matomo 4.12.3
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Your Matomo setup has some critical issues. Fix them immediately. More info below.

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PHP version >= 7.2.5 7.2.24-0ubuntu0.18.04.15
PDO extension
PDO\MYSQL extension
MYSQLI extension
Other required extensions zlib
Required functions debug_backtrace
Required PHP configuration (php.ini) session.auto_start = 0
max_execution_time = 0 OR = -1 OR >= 30
Directories with write access /var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/tmp
Directories with write access for Tag Manager /var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/js


Required Private Directories
We found that the above URLs are accessible via the browser, but they should NOT be. Allowing them to be accessed can pose a potential security risk since the contents can provide information about your server and potentially your users. Please restrict access to them.

We also found that Matomo's config directory is publicly accessible. While attackers can't read the config now, if your webserver stops executing PHP files for some reason, your MySQL credentials and other information will be available to anyone. Please check your webserver config and deny access to this directory.

Read this to learn more.
Recommended Private Directories
We found that the above URLs are accessible via the browser, but we recommend they should not be. If possible, please restrict access to them. Read this to learn more.
File integrity File integrity check failed and reported some errors. You should fix this issue and then refresh this page until it shows no error.

Directories were found in your Matomo, but we didn't expect them.
--> Please delete these directories to prevent errors. <--

Directory to delete: libs/bower_components

To delete all these directories at once, you can run this command:
rm -Rf /var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/libs/bower_components

Files were found in your Matomo, but we didn't expect them.
--> Please delete these files to prevent errors. <--

File to delete: config/environment/test.php
File to delete: config/environment/ui-test.php
File to delete: misc/others/ExamplePiwikTracker.php
File to delete: misc/others/uninstall-delete-piwik-directory.php
File to delete: package-lock.json
File to delete: phpcs.xml
File to delete: node_modules/chroma-js/.npmignore
File to delete: node_modules/iframe-resizer/.ncurc.json
File to delete: node_modules/iframe-resizer/.prettierrc
File to delete: node_modules/jquery.browser/.npmignore
File to delete: node_modules/jquery.scrollto/.jscsrc
File to delete: node_modules/jquery.scrollto/.npmignore
File to delete: node_modules/ng-dialog/.npmignore
File to delete: node_modules/qrcodejs2/.npmignore
File to delete: vendor/matomo/device-detector/.yamllint
File to delete: vendor/php-di/php-di/.gitstats.yml
File to delete: vendor/php-di/php-di/.phpstorm.meta.php
File to delete: vendor/twig/twig/.php_cs.dist

To delete all these files at once, you can run this command:
rm "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/config/environment/test.php" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/config/environment/ui-test.php" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/misc/others/ExamplePiwikTracker.php" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/misc/others/uninstall-delete-piwik-directory.php" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/package-lock.json" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/phpcs.xml" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/node_modules/chroma-js/.npmignore" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/node_modules/iframe-resizer/.ncurc.json" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/node_modules/iframe-resizer/.prettierrc" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/node_modules/jquery.browser/.npmignore" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/node_modules/jquery.scrollto/.jscsrc" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/node_modules/jquery.scrollto/.npmignore" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/node_modules/ng-dialog/.npmignore" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/node_modules/qrcodejs2/.npmignore" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/vendor/matomo/device-detector/.yamllint" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/vendor/php-di/php-di/.gitstats.yml" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/vendor/php-di/php-di/.phpstorm.meta.php" "/var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/vendor/twig/twig/.php_cs.dist"

64-bit PHP Binary
Tracker status
Memory limit 128M
Time zone
Open URL curl
PageSpeed is turned off
GD > 2.x + FreeType (graphics)
Other extensions json
Other functions shell_exec
Set up Cron (faster report-loading) For optimal performance and a speedy Matomo, it is highly recommended to set up a crontab to automatically archive your reports, and to disable browser triggering in the Matomo settings. Learn more.
Set up Cron - Managing processes via CLI Ok
Database abilities UTF8mb4 charset

Your database supports utf8mb4 charset, but your database tables have not been converted yet. You can do this by executing the command /var/www/html/crowdyvest/analytics/console core:convert-to-utf8mb4 or activating the automatic conversion in General Settings.

This is required to be able to store 4-byte UTF8 characters. Unless utf8mb4 is available special characters, such as emojis, less common characters of asian languages, various historic scripts or mathematical symbols will be replaced with �. You can read more details about this topic in this FAQ.

Changing transaction isolation level
Max Packet Size It is recommended to configure a 'max_allowed_packet' size in your MySQL database of at least 64MB. Configured is currently 16MB.
Forced SSL Connection We recommend using Matomo over secure SSL connections only. To prevent insecure access over http, add force_ssl = 1 to the General section in your Matomo config/config.ini.php file.
Geolocation The default location provider guesses a visitor's country based on the language they use. This is not very accurate, so we recommend installing and using a geolocation database.
Update over HTTPS
Writable JavaScript Tracker ("/matomo.js")
[GoogleAnalyticsImporter] Required PHP Functions
[GoogleAnalyticsImporter] Required Executables (php)
[GoogleAnalyticsImporter] Required Executables (nohup)

Informational results

Matomo Version 4.8.0
Matomo Update History 4.2.1,3.14.1,
Matomo Install Version 3.14.1
Latest Available Version 4.12.3
Is Git Deployment 0
PHP_OS Linux
PHP_BINARY /usr/sbin/php-fpm7.2
PHP SAPI fpm-fcgi

PHP FPM will ignore .htaccess rules for .php files. To ensure that sensitive files cannot be accessed directly it is recommended to exclude certain directories from being handled by PHP FPM. For more information please see the official nginx server configuration
Timezone Version 0.system
PHP Timezone UTC
PHP Time 1669874178
PHP Datetime 2022-12-01 05:56:18
PHP Disabled functions pcntl_alarm, pcntl_fork, pcntl_waitpid, pcntl_wait, pcntl_wifexited, pcntl_wifstopped, pcntl_wifsignaled, pcntl_wifcontinued, pcntl_wexitstatus, pcntl_wtermsig, pcntl_wstopsig, pcntl_signal, pcntl_signal_get_handler, pcntl_signal_dispatch, pcntl_get_last_error, pcntl_strerror, pcntl_sigprocmask, pcntl_sigwaitinfo, pcntl_sigtimedwait, pcntl_exec, pcntl_getpriority, pcntl_setpriority, pcntl_async_signals,
PHP INI max_execution_time 30
PHP INI post_max_size 8M
PHP INI max_input_vars 1000
PHP INI zlib.output_compression
Curl Version 7.58.0, OpenSSL/1.1.1
Suhosin Installed 0
DB Prefix matomo_
DB Charset utf8
MySQL Version 5.7.40-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
Num Tables 375
Browser Segment Archiving Enabled 1
Development Mode Enabled 0
Internet Enabled 1
Multi Server Environment 0
Auto Update Enabled 1
Custom User Path 0
Custom Include Path 0
Release Channel latest_stable
Plugins Activated API, Actions, Annotations, BulkTracking, Contents, CoreAdminHome, CoreConsole, CoreHome, CorePluginsAdmin, CoreUpdater, CoreVisualizations, CoreVue, CustomDimensions, CustomJsTracker, CustomVariables 4.0.1, Dashboard, DevicePlugins, DevicesDetection, Diagnostics, Ecommerce, Events, Feedback, GeoIp2, Goals, GoogleAnalyticsImporter 4.1.10, Heartbeat, ImageGraph, Insights, Installation, Intl, IntranetMeasurable, LanguagesManager, Live, LiveTab 4.0.1, Login, MarketingCampaignsReporting 4.1.1, Marketplace, MobileMessaging, Monolog, Morpheus, MultiSites, Overlay, PagePerformance, PrivacyManager, ProfessionalServices, Proxy, Referrers, Resolution, RssWidget, SEO, ScheduledReports, SegmentEditor, SitesManager, TagManager, Tour, Transitions, TwoFactorAuth, UserCountry, UserCountryMap, UserId, UserLanguage, UsersManager, VisitFrequency, VisitTime, VisitorInterest, VisitsSummary, WebsiteMeasurable, Widgetize
Plugins Deactivated DBStats, MobileAppMeasurable, Provider 4.0.3
Plugins Invalid
Server Info nginx/1.14.0

To ensure that sensitive files cannot be accessed directly it is recommended to configure your web server to restrict access to certain directories. For more information please see the official nginx server configuration
Had visits in last 1 day 1
Had visits in last 3 days 1
Had visits in last 5 days 1
Archive Time Last Started 1663489406
Archive Time Last Finished 1663489412
User Agent CCBot/2.0 (
Browser Language en-us,en
Total Invalidation Count 101
In Progress Invalidation Count 0
Scheduled Invalidation Count 101
Earliest invalidation ts_started
Latest invalidation ts_started
Earliest invalidation ts_invalidated 2022-09-19 02:23:05
Latest invalidation ts_invalidated 2022-12-01 00:48:07
Number of segment invalidations 0
Number of plugin invalidations 0
List of plugins being invalidated
Anonymize Referrer
Do Not Track enabled 1

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