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Tracking Code

Matomo offers you various ways to embed the tracking code for your website, mobile app, and even for any device or application.

An alternative to tracking visitors through the browser (either via JavaScript or an image link) is to continuously import server logs. Learn more about Server Log File Analytics.

Not tracking a website? You can alternatively track a mobile app or any other type of application using one of the available SDKs.

The HTTP Tracking API allows you to track anything. This may be useful if you are using a programming language for which no SDK exists yet. It may also be useful when you want to track devices or application in a special way.

Don't know what a Tag Manager is? Check out our Getting Started guide. If you are embedding multiple resources from 3rd party websites into your website, then tracking your website using the Tag Manager may be a better choice for you compared to using the regular JavaScript tracking.

Available shortcuts